Discover the keys to achieving an authentic industrial style in your home


It is possible that many of us remember the industrial style if we think of a film like Ghost. The protagonists lived in a large loft with large windows and bare walls that captivated many of the spectators as much as the film itself.

This style seems fortuitous and nothing thought out, but quite the opposite. In it there are some keys that achieve an authentic style and faithful to its premises.

This style as its name suggests, is inspired by the world of industry and factories of the 50s and 60s. A style that is as sober as it is elegant and that looks great in spacious rooms and loft floors.

Why is it a style chosen by many? Because it is ideal for people who bet on a modern decoration, but with a point of sophistication and finesse.

How can it be achieved at home? We offer 7 tips to achieve industrial style.

Minimalismo y amplitud para un estilo industrial

Minimalism and spaciousness

If there are two words that define the industrial style these are minimalism and spaciousness. In this decoration the spaces are spacious without too much furniture or obstacles and that offer a visual sensation of spaciousness reminiscent of industrial buildings or garages. It is also important that, despite the spaciousness of the room, it is not cold so that attention can be paid to the details.

Paredes desnudas para un estilo industrial

Bare walls

In the industrial style nothing is hidden. Pipes, brick walls or plugs do not hide as in other types of decorations. An incentive for people with a tight budget, but who want to make their home a place with personality.

Colores básicos para un estilo industrial

Basic colors

The colors that predominate in any factory or industrial warehouse are the basic and neutral colors such as white, black, brown or gray and their shades. This is one of the bases to get it right. If you want, you can add a small note of color in some furniture, some decorative object or textiles such as cushions. Of course, it is very important that we add it with moderation and without excesses.

Materiales propios de la industria

Industry-specific materials

Although own materials to furnish and decorate houses such as glass or wood can be used in this type of decoration, those that are used without limits in the industrial style are iron, concrete or steel. As for the wood always better naked. Some shelves or a table in unpainted wood are perfect in this style.

Detalles con mucho estilo en decoraciones industriales

Details like a lot of style

Although it has its inspiration in the world of industry, it admits details with a lot of personality and style such as an old trunk, a leather sofa, an iron fireplace that brings warmth to the environment or some plants can help to achieve an industrial style with a lot of style. In the event that we do not have antique furniture, we can count on other current ones, but with an aged appearance.

Luz natural y artificial en un estilo industrial

Natural light versus artificial light

In the industrial style, natural light floods the rooms. To achieve this, large windows without curtains are essential. And by the time night comes , spotlights or metal lamps or even bulbs hanging from the wall without a lamp are some of the options.

Efecto oxidado para un estilo industrial

Rusty effect

Another characteristic of the industrial style is the rusty effect, old, like an old abandoned factory. To achieve a rusty effect in a simple way you can use an oxide color paint such as orange, for example.

In short; perfection in imperfection

As we have seen in the industrial style predominates imperfection, something that would not be conceivable in another type of style to decorate the houses. However, bare walls that can even carry a stain or a crack, a wooden furniture without painting or lacquering or a bulb without more hanging from the ceiling are key in this style.

What should we do to achieve a perfect industrial style? It is important that we look at different decoration magazines and, above all, that we are not afraid to try the aesthetics of ugliness that in this case is a success that achieves very special and glamorous houses without falling into the typical topics within the world of decoration.

Now that we know how to have an industrial style at home, we only have to have a small budget and some creativity. A style that captivates more and more hearts.



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