How to prepare your house before painting Councils


Clean surfaces to be painted

Before you begin the process of painting the chosen room in a certain color, spend time cleaning it. Dust off walls and other items you plan to work on.

Use a slightly damp cloth so you can remove any traces of dirt. Only then will you get the paint to adhere conveniently, with nothing that could jeopardize the final finish.

Retira los objetos de decoración

Remove decorative objects to prepare your house before painting

Nothing can hinder the task of painting your home. To do this, remove any decorative object that hangs from walls and other spaces. From paintings to family photographs, through mirrors, coat racks, curtains, carpets, etc.

There should be no belongings left that become a hindrance. There will be time to return them to their original place later.

Protege los artículos que no se pueden retirar

Protects items that cannot be removed

Not all decoration items can be removed. That's the case with light switches, plugs, sockets, and that lamp hanging from the ceiling. What should you do with them? Very simple, you only need to protect them so that, when painting, they do not stain.

It uses so-called bodybuilder tapes to cover the edge of plugs and switches. Also of the plinth and the frames of the doors. For lamps, use plastics that wrap them completely .

Mueve el mobiliario

Move the furniture

Try not to make sure that the furniture does not become an obstacle when you renew the color of your house.

You can move them and place them, for example, in a corner of each of the rooms. Don't forget to cover them with plastics or fabrics you no longer need, such as old sheets.

Another option is to remove them, although for this you must have a storage room or another room in which to store them temporarily.

Cubre el suelo con cartones o plásticos

Cover the floor with cardboard or plastics

When preparing your house before painting, it is essential to cover the floor of each of the rooms. Cardboard or plastic is the best option, since it is resistant and does not let the paint pass, even if it were to spill accidentally.

When you finish painting, you just have to remove it to check that the floor is in perfect condition. You'll save yourself from having to clean it.

Planifica el trabajo para preparar tu casa antes de pintar

Plan the work to prepare your house before painting

Have you already decided which room will be the first? Establish an order before starting the job. It is recommended, especially if you are going to move furniture and other belongings from one room to another. 

Leave all your belongings in the last room in which you have planned to intervene. In this way, you can return things to their place after painting each room.

Elige colores y haz la prueba

Choose the colors and take a test

When you have chosen them, do not hesitate to do tests on the wall of each space. This way you will get an idea of the final finish. You will see how it looks in each place, how you can change your vision with light, whether or not it combines with furniture, etc.

Be aware of the light that enters each room based on its orientation. Check to see if the sun's rays creep in in the morning, when the light is colder. Perhaps they do it during the afternoon, which is the time when it is warmest.

Remember that colors exert an influence on the inhabitants, so consult the different shades and their effects.

Prepara las herramientas que vas a necesitar

Prepare the tools you will need

Do you have the brushes ready? Have you bought enough paint? Do you have a staircase to access the highest sites? If you do not want to forget anything, it is best to make a list.

You will need various brushes, sandpaper, solvent, paint, enamel, rollers, clothes that you no longer use, etc.

Solicita asesoramiento

Request advice

It is the best way not to err in your efforts to paint your house yourself. Let yourself be advised by professionals, such as those you can find in Barpimo. They will tell you which one to buy and how many hands you will need to give to each surface.

Haz fotos del antes Y del después

Take before and after photos

So you can check the change that each room experiences. The result will not leave you indifferent. Do you dare to take the test?

Follow these recommendations when preparing your home before painting. It will take you only a few minutes. It is the way to make sure that this renovation in the decoration of your home is not hindered in any way.




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