What color do I paint the living room? Tips and tricks. Tintometry service


Keep in mind that it's usually the place where you'll spend the most time. In addition, it is usually full of furniture and appliances and is even likely to include more than one environment. All this conditions the way of painting the rooms. Look at what your salon is like, and what your personality is, rather than trends. These change over time, but your tastes don't usually change so quickly.

What color to paint the living room: the best general tips

Before going to a tintometry service to obtain a specific color for your living room, take into account its characteristics. And, also, the general criteria you want to apply.

These tips and tricks to paint the living room will be inspiring:

1. Decide in advance what style of interior design you plan to apply. Thus, Nordic requires neutral and soft tones, mainly white. For its part, the industrial style works well with gray and even soft metallic blues. For a rustic salon or farmhouse chic, the ochres and toasts are great.

2. Consider the spaciousness of your living room before choosing. If it is small, bet on clear and bright walls. If it's big and you still can't furnish it as you'd like, darker shades will offset that effect. You can even create two environments with different tones!

3. Visualize the atmosphere you want. If you want a relaxing and calm living room, the cold and pastel tones will go very well. The light green relaxes the view and mood: if you usually arrive stressed from work, it will help you disconnect. Also the sky blue is a good option. On the contrary, if you are on the go and prefer to increase your adrenaline, choose warm and striking tones. For example, reds, oranges and yellows.

4. Consider lighting. Think that color fonts modify the shades, sometimes to a great extent. Consider what lights you are going to include, what effects they generate and where they will affect. It is especially important when deciding the nuances and intensity of the range. If you have a lot of light, the tone is clarified. And vice versa.

The best colors for your living room

We want to help you as much as possible to choose which color to paint the room. That's why we recommend five options that will look great in your home. Some are trending in 2022, others have already become classics.

Salón blanco


This choice is the most versatile and bright. It looks good with everything, even with other neutral colors, such as beige and black. Its main characteristic is that it gives prominence to the furniture. Therefore, if you have eye-catching furniture, do not hesitate to apply it. Be careful, of course, if your living room is poorly lit: instead of white it will look grayish.

Salón gris


And since we talk about grayish, gray is the neutral color par excellence. It is a modern and dynamic choice, also very versatile. Does that seem too basic to you? If you dare with a range of marengos and mix them with bold tones, such as mustard or broken white, the result will be spectacular.

Salón greige


In the halls that pursue a natural environment, of renewed Scandinavian inspiration, it is a very successful tone. It is a hybrid between beige and gray, with a higher proportion of the former. Without losing the modern elegance of the latter, it brings a plus of warmth. Especially when combined with wood, metals and natural materials, it generates exquisite contrasts that reflect a great personality.

Salón agua


It is very suitable for beach and Mediterranean environments, where it provides extremely stimulating nuances. You can choose, according to your tastes, greens, blues or water turquoises. If you know how to combine them with the rest of the accessories in your living room, you will get an original and unique overall effect. By opting for green, you will bring calm and relaxation to your home. And don't forget that this is the color of hope, so it will encourage you to think positively.

Salón rojo


You read that right: red has a place in your living room. Our advice is to include it on a wall, as a complement to some of the previous tones. If you also incorporate it into the textiles of the environment, such as the upholstery of the sofa or the armchairs, the effect will be spectacular. Opt, of course, for the most elegant reds: burgundy, garnet and Persian.

As you can see, the possibilities are diverse and abundant. You won't find it difficult to tailor your choice to your character and preferences. If you apply these tips, you will solve the equation of what color to paint the room with the right decision. Once taken, contact us to choose the best varnishes and paints for your living room. We will customize them with our tintometry service!



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