SprayBox paint booths, our latest addition


SprayBox paint booths have become a competitive advantage for the best varnish and paint companies, among which is Barpimo.

With more than 5000 customers spread over five continents, its firm commitment to R&D&I allows it to incorporate the latest technological advances in the sector. It is the only way to continue strengthening its international leadership.

For this reason, it has just installed a pressurized paint and drying cabin. A real magnet for quality, satisfaction and optimal service.

What do paint booths provide?

A painting and drying booth is a closed and watertight enclosure, shielding from any type of outside influence. Its main advantage is that it allows to carry out paint applications without any impurities. Its armored character generates an optimal environment for the required painting tasks.

Thus, for example, in car body painting works, they allow the circulation of hot air at an optimal speed. Thanks to this, the task of painting and drying is carried out in less time and with higher levels of quality and perfection.

Additionally, these structures serve a protective function. When varnish or paint is applied to any element, not all particles are fixed to the surface. They remain suspended in the air and damage the surrounding environment. It is, therefore, a very positive additional factor for the security of the enclosure, both for professionals and visitors.

SprayBox paint booths, the best choice

Among the options available in the market, the option incorporated by Barpimo is absolutely premium. Seliba, the supplier of this technological jewel, is a true reference in the manufacture of industrial paint booths and ovens.

It is an Austrian firm with Spanish production, which combines two great attributes:

  • The rigor and precision characteristic of engineering in Austria.
  • The creativity and flexibility of Spain.

The result is excellent. In fact, Barpimo customers are already benefiting from these top-notch features.

The virtues of this cabin

Its acquisition is a new commitment with the clear objective of responding and anticipating the needs of all audiences.

The advantages of the SprayBox paint booth are many. From the outset, they have an exclusive dry filtration system, the most advanced on the market. It's called Edizzi and it's patented by the brand.

The new cabin has a multipurpose and very practical sandwich panel enclosure . Why? Because the panels vary their thickness depending on the height. In addition, it incorporates a sliding door with impeccable adjustment and, additionally, an anti-panic pedestrian door. In fact, the safety of professionals is one of the priorities of these facilities.

The recent acquisition of Barpimo also has other technological resources at the forefront of the sector. It is an innovative model, leading in its category, where it stars in an unquestionable leadership, being a true reference.

In addition to those already mentioned, and among others, it offers these resources:

  • Centrifugal fans.
  • Vertical plenum and horizontal plenum.
  • Frequency inverter, which allows to compensate the air incorporated during the extraction.
  • Great ability to adapt to the demands of each client.

For the benefit of customers

This pressurized painted cabin represents a new differential advance in Barpimo's service offer. It responds to its usual policy of technological innovation and permanent differentiation.

Fundamentally, the benefits that customers obtain thanks to SprayBox paint booths are:

  • Optimized quality. The results are absolutely impeccable, the best on the market.
  • Durability of the finish. By optimizing the application process, the surfaces are better impregnated and keep the final result intact for much longer.
  • Security in the process. The service is carried out in the best safety conditions for all employees.
  • Adaptability. Having this pressurized paint booth allows us to offer customized solutions, more in line with the expectations of each order.
  • Versatility and versatility. In addition, it is an accessory that favors the realization of alternative projects to the traditional ones.
  • Rapidity. The painting works are carried out optimizing time, which generates economies of scale.
  • Brand image. The products obtained are backed by the most cutting-edge technology on the market. This is always a brand argument for business and commercial communication.

In short, SprayBox paint booths are a firm commitment to business innovation and technical excellence. And in that sense, Barpimo is always ahead. In this way, he has managed to lead the manufacture and marketing of varnishes for wood and paints for decoration, construction and the metal-mechanical industry. The objective is to bet, at all times, on research, innovation and development to always remain ahead of the competition. The results could not have been better.



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