MM Multisurfaces Multilak water

High quality water acrylic enamel-multisupport
2.5 l
750 ml
375 ml

Suitable for protection and decoration of interior and exterior surfaces: doors, railings, fences, balconies, gates, tiles, glass, radiators, etc. It allows direct application on aluminum, galvanized, iron, glass, tiles, plaster, etc. Do not apply on tiles, countertops, bathtubs or toilets.

Does not yellow
Quick drying
No smell
Resistant to friction, common stains, wear and cleaning with household products

Tiempo de secado
Dilution Water
Tiempo de secado
T. Drying 30-60 min.
Tiempo de secado
T. Repainted 6 h.
Tiempo de secado
Performance 12-14 m2/l.
nacre satin
grey satin mist
satin stone
satin smoke grey
vintage rose satin
satin mustard
satin aquamarine
mediterranean satin
turquoise satin
almost black satin
satin white
satin black
matte mint
matte white
matte black
bright white
glossy black

Surface preparation

On unpainted surfaces: Clean and remove dust, grease, oil, molds, silicone from joints, rust, waxes, small imperfections, etc. On surfaces with old paint: Remove paint in poor condition and proceed as on unpainted surface.

Before applying

Do not apply with temperatures below 5ºC. Ambient relative humidity below 80% Do not apply on tiles, countertops, bathtubs or toilets.

How to use

Remove the contents of the container well. This product allows direct application on multiple supports without the need for primer, but also allows to apply several systems with first layers of primer on different materials in painting processes such as: Wood: Apply TAPAPOROS TO WATER ECOBARP (Ref. B1883) (interior) or WHITE SEALING PRIMER (Ref. 1717) (interior or exterior). On plaster and plaster: Apply SELLAFOND TO WATER (Ref.1894) On iron or steel: Apply MINIO ECOBARP TO WATER (Ref. B1959) Galvanized envelope, aluminum or light alloys: Apply MULTI-USE PRIMER ECOBARP TO WATER (Ref. B1798) Whenever the product is applied directly on any type of non-porous support (metals, PVC, formica, etc.) sanding of the same is advised to facilitate anchoring. Due to the great variety and quality of materials on the market, it is advisable to carry out previous adhesion tests. If you have any questions, please consult the Technical Department. Apply 2 or 3 hands of product to use or diluted (maximum 5%), with good air renewal, in thin, uniform and well extended layers.


Store in a cool place. Do not store open or started containers.

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