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Anticaloric paint
  • Anticaloric paint

Anticaloric paint

Anticaloric enamel 400ºC
750 ml
375 ml
Suitable for painting fireplaces, barbecues, boilers, stoves. In general, steel surfaces subjected to high temperatures.
Ease of application
Good coverage
Maximum performance
Direct on iron and steel
High adhesion

Tiempo de secado
Dilution .9971
Tiempo de secado
T. Drying 1-2hours
Tiempo de secado
Performance 13-16m2/L
matte black
matte grey
Surface preparation

Surfaces should be sanded, clean, dry, free of dust, grease, oils and moisture. On rusty surfaces: Brush and sand until the rust is removed.

Before applying

Do not apply at temperatures below 8ºC. Ambient relative humidity below 20%. Support temperature above 8ºC.

How to use

Remove the contents of the container well. Apply with good air renewal, in thin, uniform and well-extended layers. Once the surface is prepared, apply a hand, if it is a brush or roller, to use or slightly diluted (maximum 5%) with Synthetic Diluent of Rapid Drying (Ref. 9971). A gun, depending on the nozzle and pressure used in the application. It does not require prior background.


Store in a cool place. Do not store open or started containers.

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