Lignicoat, Barpimo's new sustainable initiative


True to our environmental vocation, at Barpimo we have joined the European research project Lignicoat.

Their goal? Create pioneering sustainable coatings based on natural and bioadictive resins, capable of better resisting corrosion and fire. They will be a spectacular ecological step, do not hesitate.

The essence of Lignicoat

Promoting a sustainable planet cannot be postponed. Within the Horizon 2020 framework programme, the European Commission launched this research and entrusted the Tecnalia technology laboratory with the leadership of this ambitious initiative. Quickly, its managers asked us before the summer – along with other companies – to join the project.

Our goal is to take advantage of this study to obtain a completely natural resin, such as polyurethane, alkydic and epoxy coatings. Lignin is the key to this research. Have you ever heard of it?

This polyphenolic polymer, from wood, is the second most abundant on the planet. It is found in the cell walls of plants and, until now, had been underutilized. After this work we hope that it will become a decisive element for the human future given its excellent properties.

Determined to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The European Union designed a strategy, until 2050, focused on achieving climate-neutral countries. In order to reduce the footprint, respect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, petrochemicals must be replaced by renewable chemical substitutes. In this way, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere will fall and we will all win.

In this context, lignin is moving from being the great hope to an authentic reality. It is a biopolymer very present on the planet and alien to the human food chain. Therefore, it is a natural resource rather than a strategic one, as it could gradually replace fossil fuels.

A varnish of ecology

The Lignicoat studio offers us the opportunity to advance in one of our strongest purposes: to create an absolutely natural resin and, from it, to develop an assortment of state-of-the-art ecological varnishes and paints. And our effort is paying off.

Probably, to date you have heard of natural coatings called eco in your commercial information. However, they are not 100% ecological. At best, its biological base is close to 40%. And the rest, which accounts for more than half?

Thanks to this ambitious project, lignin will allow us to achieve these products in a sustainable way. In fact, these new coatings are already being produced. Together with the advantages that we have been commenting, they enhance high resistance and encourage the circular economy. Did you imagine that they could have so many advantages?

We are managing, step by step, to demonstrate that lignin is a valid basis for the production of resins of biological origin. Not only technically feasible, but also economically feasible. In the near future, we have no doubt that these items will be commercialized and fully accepted.

Barpimo's pride

For more than 50 years, our company has undergone an unstoppable transformation from its humble family origin to the most successful internationalization. We have more than 500 clients distributed among the 5 continents. From our headquarters in the Riojan town of Nájera, we have always embraced R + D + i as the leitmotiv of our activity. And we are fully committed to the environment.

Our participation in Lignicoat reinforces us with the utmost determination in this approach. The applications of its results will be multifaceted and sustainable, so much so that they will represent a before and after in the field of coatings. Not only do we look to the future, we also pull it. That is why we are determined to boost the circular economy and sectoral sustainability.



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