Barpimo's tintometric systems and System method open up an infinite range of colours that allows the customer to immediately satisfy their needs and fantasies, with all kinds of colours reproduced to suit them.

We customize your color

These systems, which have undoubtedly revolutionized the range of colors of paints and varnishes, allow you to choose a tone from thousands of colors unimaginable for the world of decoration, industrial products and even wood dyes.

They are especially suitable for small quantities since it is not necessary to produce more than what you want to use; however, this technology is capable of achieving large volumes in just a few minutes.

To make the choice of the desired color easier, Barpimo offers you the possibility to be guided by its wide range of color charts (BARPIMO, RAL, Nova 720, Nova 2024, NCS Selection, Eurotrend, Moodscape, Oxifer, Coltec Wood ...).

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