Synthetic enamel high decoration.
4 l
750 ml
375 ml
Suitable for decorating and protecting interior and exterior surfaces such as doors, railings, fences, balconies, gates, garden furniture, metal surfaces, wood, plaster, etc.
Great covering power
Unalterable colors
Resistant to friction, wear and washing.
Product with sunscreen
Provides durable, adherent, unalterable, silky and soft finishes

Tiempo de secado
Dilution .9873
Tiempo de secado
T. Drying 5-6 h.
Tiempo de secado
T. Repainted 24 h.
Tiempo de secado
Performance 10-13 m2/l.
matte white
matte black
barpsint ad* satin
Surface preparation

On unpainted surfaces: Sand, clean and remove dust, grease, oil, waxes and small imperfections. On surfaces with old paints: Remove paint in poor condition and proceed as on unpainted surfaces.

Before applying

Do not apply at temperatures below 10ºC. Relative humidity of application Less than 80%. Support temperature Greater than 8ºC. Recommended layer thickness 30 – 40 microns per hand

How to use

Remove the contents of the container well. Once the surface is prepared, apply different primers: On wood and plaster: Apply SEALING PRIMER (Ref. 1717). On iron and steel: Apply SYNTHETIC MINIO (Ref. A1966) or one of our ANTIOXIDANT PRIMERS. On galvanized and light metals: Apply some sample MULTI-ADHERENT PRIMERS. Apply with brush or roller, 1st hand to use or slightly diluted (maximum 5%) with Synthetic and Fatty Diluent 250 (Ref. 9873). The other hands, in use or slightly diluted (maximum 5%), for gun depending on the nozzle and pressure used. Application temperature higher than 10ºC. Repainte two or three layers of the product, leaving the stipulated time between layers. Apply with good air renewal, in thin, uniform and well-extended layers. If you have any questions, please consult the Technical Department.


Store in a cool place. Do not store open or started containers

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