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Multi-adherent enamel
  • Multi-adherent enamel

Multi-adherent enamel

Enamel based on special resins that offers total adhesion.
4 l
750 ml
375 ml

Suitable for protection, adhesion and decoration of galvanized steel surfaces, cold rolled steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other light alloys.

Adherent, durable and decorative finishes.
Ease of application.
Great covering power.
Excellent adhesion and hardness on difficult supports.
Good behavior to the outside.
Excellent wettability in different substrates.

Tiempo de secado
Dilution .9971
Tiempo de secado
T. Drying 3-4h
Tiempo de secado
T. Repainted 10-12hours
Tiempo de secado
Performance 8-11m2/L
bright white
glossy black

Surface preparation

On unpainted surfaces: Sand, clean and remove dust, grease, oil, waxes and small imperfections. On surfaces with old paints: Remove paint in poor condition and proceed as on unpainted surfaces. Apply one or more layers until covering the substrate.

Before applying

Do not apply at temperatures below 10ºC. Ambient relative humidity below 80%. Support temperature above 8ºC. Recommended layer thickness 30-40 Microns per hand

How to use

Remove the contents of the container well. Apply with good air renewal, in thin, uniform and well-extended layers. Apply with brush or roller, to use or slightly diluted (maximum 5%) with Fast Drying Synthetic Diluent (Ref. 9971), for gun depending on the nozzle and pressure used. Apply two or three layers of the product, leaving the repainting time between layers. If you have any questions, please consult the Technical Department.


Store in a cool place. Do not store open or started containers.

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