Habitat Clean

High quality washable acrylic-vinyl paint based on water.
15 l
12 l
4 l
750 ml

Suitable for decoration of interior and exterior surfaces such as walls and ceilings with high quality matte finish.

Maximum whiteness
With aroma
Great covering power.
Infinite washability
Maximum performance

Tiempo de secado
Dilution Water
Tiempo de secado
T. Drying 30-40min
Tiempo de secado
T. Repainted 4hours
Tiempo de secado
Performance 8-11m2/L
With aroma
With aroma Lavender
matte white
intact 60* matte
clean* matte

Surface preparation

Surfaces should be clean, dry, free of dust, grease, saltpeter, chipped and consistent. On dry and hard unpainted surfaces (well-set plaster): application of 2 hands: the first diluted by 10% and the second slightly diluted (maximum by 5%) or on use. On soft surfaces (poorly set plaster) or with old plastic paints, tempera, lime and other paints: Remove soft, crumbly, chipped parts, etc. and remove all lime. Then seal with SELLAFOND AL AGUA (.1894) and proceed as on unpainted surfaces. On surfaces with old paints: Remove paint in poor condition and proceed as on unpainted surfaces. On surfaces to the outside: Seal with SELLAFOND (.1764)

Before applying

Application temperature: Above 5ºC. Ambient relative humidity: Less than 80%

How to use

Remove the contents of the container well. Apply with good air renewal, in thin, uniform and well-extended layers. Percentage of application: Brush and Roller, Water The 1st hand slightly diluted (maximum 10%), the 2nd to use or slightly diluted (maximum 5%), Airless gun, depending on the nozzle and pressure used.


Store in a cool place. Do not store open or started containers.

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